The know-how of the territory is combined with experience, R&D and cutting-edge technology

Certosa Salumi

The best of Italian cold cuts

Certosa Salumi produces traditional Italian salami and cold cuts, such as Salame Felino IGP. 

We slice and pack Prosciutto di Parma DOP and Mortadella Bologna IGP. We manufacture whole cured meats, which are then sliced and packaged for third parties and GDO private labels. Our production facility sits in Parma, at the heart of Italian Food Valley. We follow Italy’s best traditions to produce sliced meats with the most advanced technologies. We are committed to exporting our products: we chose to employ the HPP Technology to increase food safety and the shelf-life of the product.

Our products are suitable for export to USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, South Korea and Mexico.

Our Story

Started in 2010

We developed a fast-paced enterprise to distribute high-quality, traditional Parma products, with a focus on advances in technology. We believe in innovation and we strive to apply the most up-to-date ones in our facilities.
10.500 m2
Production Plant
1.700 m2
HPP Plant


Productive capacity

3.500 ton/year
Production Capacity of Cured Meats plant
2.500 ton/year
Production Capacity of Sliced Meats plant
8.000 ton/year
Production Capacity of HPP plant