Horeca Sliced Cold Cuts

We slice and pack traditional Italian cold cuts for the Horeca sector

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Horeca Sliced Cold Cuts

Certosa Salumi is a preferred supplier for the Horeca channels foron delivering the best Italian traditional cold cuts, sliced and packaged with weights that range from 50 to 200g.

Raw seasoned cold cuts and cooked meats alongside IGP and DOP speciality products (Salame Felino IGP, Prosciutto di Parma DOP, Mortadella Bologna IGP) are produced with 100% Italian or European-origin meat only.


Seasoned Cold Meats

Cooked Meats

Efficiency and convenience


Antipasto Misto in thermoformed platter

high volume

3-rails platter
2-rails platter
Plain platter

weight range between 50gr to 500gr
White Label